Welcome to Life Matters: Counselling & Wellness Solutions

Welcome to a Counselling and Wellness Centre for all members of the family and all members of the community.

After two and a half wonderful years servicing the community at Hope Island and surrounds,  I look forward to seeing and assisting you at my new location at Pimpama, on the northern part of the Gold Coast.

Please feel free to call and enquire about any of the following services currently available, via our Contact Us link.


Men & Women individual Counselling
Counselling for children
Counselling for teenagers

Couple/Relationship Counselling
Marital/Separation or divorce Counselling
Pre-marital/Repartnering Counselling
Step-family/blended family Counselling
Sole-parenting Counselling
Family Therapy
Health Counselling
Emotional processing
Self-development and personal growth

Life Matters stock a small range of natural remedies and products for sale such as Rescue Remedy and Australian Bush Flower Essences, HOPI ear candles and Aromatherapy products for sleep and clarity.  

So what are you waiting for?
Take charge of your life.  
Take a step towards positive change and come and visit us soon!




When  you need to talk to someone.

When you want someone to genuinely listen.

When you want to feel better.

Take charge.

Take a step towards positive change.

Come to  Life Matters: Counselling & Wellness 


Most people want to change the world to improve their lives.
What a wasted effort.
If they would only improve themselves,
they would be better off and so would the world.

Gerhard Geschwandtner