What clients have said.

What was the reason you saw Dawn for counselling?

"I have suffered from recurring anxiety attacks for the past 7 years and have had life stress (family) and anger issues (family).

"Relationship counselling".

"Marital problems".

"Mental health issues"

"Relationship and work stress."

In what way would you say you have benefitted from counselling?

"Dawn provided me with a sounding board and techniques, which I then used to get to the 'real' emotion underneath surface emotions,  therefore found out what was really bothering me. She provided clarity to my feelings which then allowed me to move on and forgive."

"Personal growth: being able to acknowledge and change behavioural patterns, improved self awareness, confidence and respect".

"Dawn has a very unique way of making you understand where the problems lie.

"I have learnt skills to manage negative thinking, day to day challenges and how I vew myself".

"Several ways - however was predominantly taught the following:  Stop self-sabotaging and find compassion for others and myself."

What have you learnt the most or what has stood out the most for you?

"Some lessons she taught me: that forgiveness is for you, that we choose how we feel and deal with things, that if you stay angry, you stay a victim all your life, which is not what you want".

"Great follow up and follow through.  She was very intuitive: spot on with getting to the root of the issue.  She provided holistic techniques to continue working through things".

"Dawn makes you open right up, get right in touch with your feelings and takes you right back stage after stage as to why you feel that way."

"That many words that were said to me as a child have carried on in my adulthood. That some mental health issues can be carried through our families - genograms."

"To love thy self; extend compassion to myself as well as others; follow your heart; find time for me!"

What would you like to say about your overall experience with Dawn?

"Positive:  addresses issues and provides techniques to assist with moving forward rather than dwelling and revisiting the past.  Great insight and direction and great follow through".    

"The sessions were clarifying and thought provoking.... the responsibility to heal is on you - she makes you do homework!   I was able to relate to her (through similar life experiences) and she was therefore the perfect person to provide me with guidance.  She is a guiding light". 

"I have experienced other counsellors, each one having different counselling methods, but Dawn helped me understand more about myself which I found very helpful and relelvant to my current marital situation".

"Dawn's holistic approach meant I walked out feeling both nurtured and listened too.  She is very caring and a genuine person and it was always a pleasure to see her smile."

"Dawn has challenged me to change my thought proces and apply this to my everday day. She has recommended tools to assist in my communication and self awareness that are now a part of my lifestyle. I cannot thank Dawn enough for the help she has and still is providing myself, my husband and extended family.  I highly recommend her services."

"Dawn has been a 'life coach' for me personally over the past year and a half! Her techniques are a great hibrid of traditional and non-traditional methods. Some of these range from cognitive/behavioural approaches; self contract writing; meditation; reiki; spirit readings and even bush flower essences.  She has a relentless character and endeavours to be there for her clients whenever is needed and physically possible - email, text, telephone and private consult. Always giving and incredibly generous with her own time and resources to ensure you obtain the maximum benefits from her practice.  A truly unique, compassionate, safe and holistic practitioner!"