About Counselling

Who would visit a Counsellor?

Men, Women and Children of all ages, backgrounds and cultures; Couples of the opposite and same sex and Families of all shapes, sizes and configurations.

To date, I have seen children as young as four come to counselling as well as senior adults in their seventies and eighties.  

What for?

To talk first of all.  Most of the time, people just want to talk about something that is bothering them now or has been bothering them for quite a while.  Sometimes talking to a friend or family member is either not possible or may be too awkward, scary or difficult. 

Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone impartial, who doesn't know you and is not bias.  Counselling gives you the opportunity to tell your story, at your own pace, in a confidential and empathic setting to someone who won't judge you and is genuinely here to listen and help.

Talking to a counsellor helps you get clarity on a particular situation, it can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your relationships; it can help you work out your current problems and it can help you deal with issues of the past which often affect us in the present.  It can also help you set a desired course for the future you ultimately desire and deserve.

Why would you bother talking?

Sometimes we just need to feel heard.  Sometimes we just need to know that someone will give us the time to listen and not interrupt, or tell us what to do or what we should do, think or feel; but instead really listen and then, using a variety of skills & techniques and working collaboratively, the issues become clarified and self-awareness is increased. 
You or someone close to you may be suffering from any of these issues, often dealt with in counselling: